First Blog post: how I got here

If somebody would have told me a few years ago that I would be sitting here typing a blog post on my own website or that i would have written a book, well I would have laughed at them. I always enjoyed creating and crafting stories, but never thought I would ever do anything with it other than fun and games. No, back then, I was taking graduate classes in political philosophy and was working toward a teaching job at a small college somewhere. Life changed and I could not deny my desire to write any longer. It came as a bit of a shock to some people that I was serious about this, but after some discussions I gained support of family and friends. It was a lot of work, but The Gospel of Adam finally was finished to put my family to work editing. Those were some very memorable times that I will cherish always. Now, I am sitting here typing this entry knowing that I can never repay them for their help and support. I know that this doesn't say too much exciting, or even original at this point, but I will keep typing what I feel in the days to come and of course keep exploring new and exciting stories to craft.

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