Seasonal Slowdowns

It is Christmas, not just the season but as of ninety minutes ago it is actually Christmas Day. This means different things to different people. To be honest, it means something very different to me this year than it did last year. I could go into many details about everything that has changed, large and small, in my life since last year, but this post is not about those things. No, this post is simply acknowledging that this time of year does not present a lot of solid opportunities for good writing blocks of time. I have tried to take advantage of what time I can find, but that often leaves me having to stop in the middle of a thought. Even worse is spending the time to really shape the thoughts in my mind only to have to move on before getting those thoughts on to the computer. This leaves me with the alternative that I have found works well for me. That is my process of just taking notes and developing deeper outlines to write from when I do have solid blocks to work. To many this might seem like I am not getting much done at all on Sarah's Savage Sleep, but to me it is making the most of what I can do now so that when the seasonal slowdown has passed I should be able to sit down and watch the pages flow from my fingers. At least that is the plan and the hope. No matter what, my writing is never far from my mind and just waiting to be read by others.

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    Miracle Pianist- The Twelve Days of Christmas (Saturday, 12 August 2017 14:03)

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