Immortality, is it to die for?

The concept of life and death is one that has always fascinated humanity, myself included. I don't claim to have any deep thoughts or insight beyond what anybody else might have. That is one of the interesting aspects of this topic, everybody thinks about it and has some form of opinion. To die is one thing that all humans have in common. We are all born and we will all die. That common ground makes us all qualified to have our own personal beliefs, especially in regards to religious concepts of life after human death. Rather than that concept, my thoughts today are more on the absence of death. What would it be like to never die? What if you were immortal?


There are countless books, movies, and tv shows that have dealt with a character who was immortal, including Adam in my own book The Gospel of Adam. There are some similarities in these different versions, but there are also many differences. Obviously, nobody actually has the answer to what it would be like to be immortal. This makes it a great tool to use in creating characters and stories. The only limit to the "reality" of being immortal is the imagination of the author. Is it a curse or a blessing? Does it require something to maintain the immortality or is it an unchanging condition? Would being immortal make somebody more likely to do good and help or be evil? Would they be social or a recluse? There are countless variations that are possible and many have been explored already in different forms. Still, one thing that most have in common is that the immortal person eventually realizes that they are not happy being immortal. We all at some point have had thoughts or dreams of what we might do if we didn't have to worry about dying. In the abstract it seems like a great thing to no longer have to worry about death, but when you think about it just a second longer you see that the stories are right. To be immortal quickly loses any appeal when you realize that you would lose everybody around you time and time again. The characters in the stories struggle and for the most part seek a life of solitude. Most of them eventually are seeking a way to die and end their suffering. In my book, I have Adam living through human history trying to return mankind to the paradise that was created in the Garden of Eden. This is, in its own way, simply a different version of an immortal seeking to find peace that is not possible with living without end. 


I see no reason to wish to be immortal and watch everybody I know die around me over and over again. There is enough of that in our limited lifespans. Of course, if it was a limited invulnerability or inability to be hurt/die for a short time, then by all means I think everybody would agree to take advantage of that chance. That being said, I see being immortal as a punishment that thankfully nobody has to suffer outside of our stories where it serves as a lesson to all of us to embrace life and enjoy everything that it means to be human.

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