Reading to Write

I am new to writing. Well, to be honest, I have written countless papers while in school. Still, the practice of writing books is new to me. I remember the easy days of sitting down to write a quick ten page paper on some topic for one of my political science classes and not having a single worry that it was due by the end of the day. Yes, those papers were easy and straight forward. Don't get me wrong, I put work into them, but still I found them to be very easy to simply sit down and churn out whatever was needed. Now, I have written one book and am working on a second one. I will admit that this kind of writing is not as simple for me to just sit down and put out page after page without a break. No, I now find myself writing several pages only to delete them when I decide that it doesn't really go where I need it to go for the story. There have been some days when I have not gotten any new pages written. Instead I have done nothing but rework the plot outline and tried to fine tune some details about a character. Still, even on days like that I find myself feeling very good about my work. That being said, I know that writing The Gospel of Adam took way longer than I had thought it would and Sarah's Savage Sleep is nowhere near where I thought it would be by now. So, how do I write quicker? Well, I know that everybody is different, but for me one thing that worked with Adam and has shown itself to be the case with Sarah is to read more. Yes, the more I am reading the more I write. Reading a good story that draws me in serves to inspire me to work longer on my own book. Maybe it is just the inspiration, but I think there is more to it than just that. It feels like my brain locks on to the creative side longer and deeper than at other times when it is filled with politics, current events, and "real life" sort of things going on. I will never deny loving the analytical side of my brain and trying to understand everything that I can, but the creative side is where I have found a path that feels rewarding to me. So, to keep pushing down that path the answer seems obvious to me: keep feeding the creative side because for me it is clear that the more I read the more I write.

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