To Converse or Convey

When I sat down to write The Gospel of Adam I had never written a book before. All I had was a story in my head and a lot of experience reading books. With just that I sat down to start shaping the story into a book. Even before I finished writing I had some people ask why I decided to write without any dialogue. I would love to be able to answer that by saying that I was trying to capitalize on a unique approach to writing a book or even that I had some strong feelings about dialogue being pointless in a book. No, I don't see myself as starting a new trend of books without conversation and I don't see all dialogue as useless. In all honesty, the book I am currently working on is quite dialogue driven (which brings in a whole other set of issues on its own). The Gospel of Adam was written without dialogue because that is how I saw the story. It was my intent to focus on the thoughts and feelings of only Adam and focus on him telling his version. I wanted it to feel as if the reader was sitting across the table from Adam simply listening to the story unfold straight from the source. I know that some liked this approach and others were not so sure, but in the end it was how I felt the story should be conveyed. I do feel that dialogue can be annoying to read at times and sometimes even detract from the story. I also know that some stories are empty without the dialogue crafted by the author. I don't feel that it should be required to have conversations between characters or that it should be ignored-it simply depends on the story that is being written. As I mentioned, Sarah's Savage Sleep so far is quite dialogue driven with three and four person conversations, but when I decide to write the sequel to The Gospel of Adam (yes I have one in mind) it will be told in the same manner of conveying the story I used in Adam. So, dialogue or not, enjoy as many books as you can find and keep on reading.

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    Booklover (Friday, 05 February 2016 20:11)

    That's a fascinating concept. I have never really paid attention, but too much dialogue can be annoying in a story. While I can't imagine all books without dialogue, The Gospel of Adam is certainly better without it.