You Never Know Who

I went to the post office to mail out a package of The Gospel of Adam today. While I was looking over the prices and dates for when the books would be delivered the gentleman working the counter asked if the envelope contained books. At first I didn't think anything of it and simply told him that yet it was books. A second later, I guess he noticed the destination, he asked me if it was a book that I had written. It didn't take another second before my mind shifted from passive customer to active salesman. I proudly engaged him in conversation and described the plot of The Gospel of Adam and answered some of his questions. After this very brief conversation he wrote down the name of the book and said that he would take a look for it tonight. Now, obviously, I can't guarantee that he follows through with that intent, but he did seem genuinely interested. Even if he doesn't buy a copy of the book, it made me feel good to have simply had the conversation. I only wish that there might have been some more people around to overhear and participate in the conversation. Still, what had started out as a monotonous errand as simply part of my day turned into a good conversation, possibly a sale or two, and hopefully a fan moving forward. In the end, I learned that you never know who might be a potential fan and I should always be ready and willing to engage in conversation. Hopefully, I will be able to experience this feeling more often in the future. Everybody is a potential fan. So, until I meet the next new fan, I will kepp reading and writing.

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