Breaks can be good-I hope

It has been a while since I wrote anything here. I'll be honest, it has been a while since I wrote anything. On the one hand it seems like it has been just a short time, but when I see the calendar I realize that it has been much longer than I want to admit. There were things to take care of around the house, a sick cat that had to be watched, and of course I got caught up in both the primary season here in Missouri and the tradition of conference tournaments and start of the NCAA basketball tournament. Still, those are just excuses and we all know it. Truthfully, I was having real doubts about the current project and by extension, writing in general. That changed last weekend when my sister and I went to the cemetery to change the flowers at our parents grave. We talked and I admitted that I was feeling lost on what I was doing. She got me to talk through some of the story problems I was having with Sarah's Savage Sleep and offered her thoughts. Taking her views and working them into what I was struggling with led me to the story I was always looking to find. I was then able to sketch out the general plot outline and have been expanding my notes a bit more every day. I finally feel good about this project and am really enjoying the process again. Proof of that can be seen in the fact that I not only have made great strides this week on Sarah, but I have also been inspired with a few other ideas to work on next. I haven't felt this positive in a long time. There is no real way to compare this to the process of starting The Gospel of Adam, because that book stayed in my head for about a year before I decided to follow this path. So, I am going to decide, and fully believe, that this break was good for me in the long run. Hopefully, I won't need to take such a break after I finish Sarah, but even if I do-The break was a good thing. I hope to have more to write here very soon. Until then-keep reading more books. 

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