Feeling Down, Bouncing Back

I know that it isn't anything special or unique, but I have been feeling down lately in regards to my writing. It has been so bad at times that I haven't gotten anything done at all for a few days in a row. I have not done anything here or kept up with Twitter other than some personal comments about sports. The more that I thought about my lack of progress the more difficult it became to get work done. It was getting to really get to me and I didn't know what to do. Then I got an email from Amazon telling me that the third book in a series I had started reading a while ago was being released. I immediately clicked the button to preorder it. As soon as I did that I started thinking back to the story through the first two books and before I knew it I was writing down some notes for the next section of my own book. The book was delivered and I began reading. I made myself stop at the half way point so that I would read it over two days and not just one sitting. As I am sure you have guessed, I finished the book, was very happy with how the story ended, and found myself writing dialogue again. So, here I am back on here and feeling good again. As soon as I post this I am headed back to Amazon to search for something new to read. I need to make sure that I never go more than a day without having a book to read. I guess that means I should follow my own advice and keep reading more.

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