A new start and feeling good

I finally did it. After a long time of fighting with attempts to make progress on Sarah's Savage Sleep only to find myself going around in circles I have decided to jump to a different project. While some might see this as a failure or a negative, I actually see it as a very positive step. The problem with Sarah wasn't that I didn't have a story to write, but in fact, it was that I seemed to have two stories fighting in my mind. On the one hand there was the simple and straightforward horror story, but I also was seeing it as a suspense story with nothing revealed until the end. For the most part, I wanted to write the suspense version, but I kept getting hung up on how to make it work just perfectly so that it was a good read all of the way through to the end. My mind kept screaming at me to just take the easy way out and go with horror and monster version just to get it done quicker. Of course, that didn't feel right to me. I want the story to follow the path I decide because I like it best, not because it is the simple version. So, after really fighting myself for a few days and talking to my sister and trusted friends I have decided that it is best to put Sarah back on the shelf of my mind for a bit. With that being said, I have started working on a different project from my list and have been quite pleased with the early progress. In all honesty, I have made more progress on John Doe over these first couple of days than I made on Sarah in the past week. This is a great feeling. I feel confident again and believe I will be done with enough prep work to start seeing progress on early chapters very quickly. It is amazing what a new start can do for confidence. 

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