What's in a label?

I was recently trying to load The Gospel of Adam into an online database. Part of that process involves classifying the work in different ways: length, fiction/non-fiction, specific genres, and age groups. It is easy to list a book by length and whether it is fiction or non-fiction. On the other hand, genre and age range can be a bit difficult at times. In my opinion, the effort to precisely label and categorize everything down to the minute detail can do more harm than good. When looking at genre of books, I feel that there needs to be much more overlap and broad groupings used. If the categories keep getting more and more specific than it will only make it more difficult to find good books to read. Let's be honest, if you like a certain kind of story, you want stories like it-not stories that are essentially identical. Plus, the more crossover there is with categories the more likely readers are to expand their library and find that they enjoy more than they originally thought. I've always found that to be the case no matter if you are talking about books, movies, music, or anything else. People will often stick to what they believe they like and avoid categories they are "taught" not to like, yet, when they don't realize they are branching out they find they actually enjoy the variety. So, stick to the broad categories and don't be afraid to expand your mind-and library. You will be a better reader and a better person. In other words, just keep reading as much as possible.

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