Totally Random

I know that it has been a while since I have written anything here, but I have been caught up in the life aspect of life. Nothing special, I just haven't been around much. I hope that in the next week or so I will be able to proudly brag about all of the progress I am making on multiple fronts. That is the future, so tonight I thought I would just be completely random and say something about baseball. No, I am not going to give any great lecture on the length of the season (too long), the length of games (too long), or the state of the fundamentals (eroding in favor of flashy plays and offense-highlight reel material). Instead I am going to comment on something that most people don't even notice-like I said, I am feeling random.  My thought tonight is about players using all of the protective guards while batting. I know everybody is all "worried" about safety these days-just don't let it impact the profit margins. Yes, some players have old injuries or a history if hitting foul balls off of different parts of their own body, but many others simply wear them in case it happens. Still, a good number of others use it to feel invincible at the plate and not have to worry about crowding the plate making it harder for the pitcher. Now, I'm all for working to give yourself an advantage and trying to be your best, but in the past few days of watching games I have seen multiple players lean into pitches with their protective gear making sure that they get hit-even by pitches that are borderline strikes. That is no longer gaining advantage as much as gaming the system for an unfair advantage on the verge of cheating. Obviously, an easy fix to this would be to simply not allow any of the protection at the plate, but that cat is already out of the bag. Another solution would be training the umpires to not award a base for being hit and to call any pitch leaned into a strike. That would be a good solution, but it would be nearly impossible to implement and would be completely subjective leading to more controversy. No, my solution is very simple. If you need to wear it at the plate then you need to wear it on the bases and in the field. You can get hit with a ball, or piece of a bat these days, while running the bases. I don't really believe that a big elbow pad is going to keep anybody safe while fielding a ball. I do, however, believe that if that was the rule you would see smaller and more flexible guards being used by only those who need them rather than everybody wanting a shield to help get on base. Plus, it would just be funny watching somebody try to catch or throw with some of those guards on their arms.  

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