The crisis of time; The salvation of friends

It has been seemingly forever since I felt productive in any capacity. I had time to work on any project, yet sadly that was the issue. I would find myself alternating from being frozen and unable to create any valuable substance or bouncing from project to project and getting insignificant amounts done on each only to delete the work later. I was my own worst enemy and it was quickly killing any self-confidence I had previously. I was absolutely on a path to nowhere and headed there fast. 


Now, I find myself reinvigorated. Am I filled with self confidence-absolutely not I am a writer after all and nothing will ever be as polished as I wish. That is the definition of a writer though. Still, I am getting some done and have a positive hope about several projects again moving forward. The change is, simply put, friendship. I no longer live alone, but have opened my home to a dear fried in her family. I know that some might think that having four extra people in the house, including two adorable children, would actually make it even harder to focus. For me, it is quite the opposite. Their being here drives me to refocus and not fail. It goes without saying that my friend has always been a great help to bounce ideas off of and review/edit what I write, but in all honesty it is the knowledge that I want to repay her faith in me that drives me. No, I will not fail my friend and because of her I will always be a better person and writer. 

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