One mind many stories

When I decided to follow my passion of writing many people tried to offer their advice. I kindly listened to everybody, as i often do, so that I could pick out what works best for me. Some of the most common advice I was given was "write every day" and "focus on one project at a time" as well as general questions of my sanity. Of course I am not sane-I am a writer at heart. As for the other advice, I do try to write every day, but even when I am not able to write daily I do make sure my mind spends at least a good amount of time thinking about what I am currently working on at the moment. That brings me to the other piece of advice-the one I don't generally follow. I have tried to focus on one project at a time, but that really doesn't work for me. I understand the logic of the advice, but for me I like to spread my mind out. I find this fits my mind best not only because it is how I generally think, but it allows me to be able to write more often. When I do focus on only one project at a time, I often write a bunch and then stall out for a bit needing to refresh and refocus on the path the book is going. On the other hand, if I have another book or even short stories to work on, I am able to go back and forth between projects and enter every writing session ready to go. I understand that it is easier to do this because the projects I am working on are all from different genres and don't have any overlapping concepts. When it all comes down to it, the thing I have discovered to be the most important is this: find what works for you and do it that way no matter what advice others have to offer. Just because it works for them doesn't mean it will work for you. Be you, that is what will make your writing the best version you can make. 

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